Dear Colleague

The 4th International Medical Conference on “Advances in Contemporary Medicine” is going to be held on 7-9 October, 2011, in Istanbul, as an organization o Kabardino- Balkaria State University Nalchik, Russian Federation, ARABMED in Europe and The Federation of Circassian Associations, Turkey, Jordan and Europe, under the auspices

of Turkish Society of Cardiology.

The goal of this conference is to provide an opportunity to exchange experience in the field of innovative technologies in medicine, This conference is multidisciplinary and open to all branches in medicine so as to bring together many doctors from all over the World. The scientific program which covers two full days was finalized according to applications. In the rest of the time, social and cultural events and entertainment programs will take place. The language of presentations at the conference will be English and Russian. Simultaneous translation will be provided between these two languages.

We are extremely honored by:

The Patronage of His Excellency Prof. Dr. Karamurzow, Rector of Kabardino- Balkaria State University, Nalchik.

The representatives of Istanbul University and Turkish Society of Cardiology,

Mr. Cihan Candemir, President of the Federation of Caucassian Associations, Turkey

We would like to thank all members of the scientific and organizing committee for their endless and dedicated efforts.

Last but not least, thanks are due to all the participants who have submitted their work, and to all our delegates who are behind the success of this scientific gathering.

We hope that our scientific program meets your expectations as the three preceding successful conferences in Nalchik. We look forward to a stimulating meeting and again welcome all of you to Istanbul. Our best wishes for a rewarding scientific conference

Prof. Dr. Faidi Omer Mahmoud President of The Conference

Erlangen, Germany